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Saint-Petersburg, Russia
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More than 15 YEARS OF experience
Hotshot Films is a production house based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Officially, we are in the market since 2008; however, our young and creative team has been making films and commercials long before that. Therefore, today we have a clear vision of what we do, how we achieve that and what is the reason for doing it.
Hotshot Films Showreel 2016
Hotshot Films Showreel 2014
We are open for all kinds of inquiries and ideas. For us, problems are only issues that have solutions. Our production is backed with every piece of equipment you may think of. Besides, Europe is right around the corner. In Finland we have great partners to ask for anything missing here. And in case of an absolute emergency, we import the missing components from Moscow. All of our technicians: gaffers, cameramen, focus pullers and others – speak English.

We are working closely with our colleagues from many countries and continents – from India to France, from South America to Scandinavia. We can offer Russian as well as European specialists in practically every area of filmmaking. Commercials, fiction films, TV series, documentaries, art projects, advertising and branding photo sessions are all produced here.
beauty & fashion
lifestyle & humour
making of
Troekurovo - "Cutletarian"
Troekurovo - "Om Am"
Bonava - "Predictable swedes"
Koshelek - "Man"
Koshelek - "Vegan"
Koshelek - "Mother"
TVC for Rainbow Smile. "In advertising and in the real life."

TVC for WATSONS 2018

TVC for NEVSKY CENTER - "Gender holidays" 2018
TVC for NEVSKY CENTER - "Spring collections" 2018
TVC for Velvet Hands. 2017
TVC for Pure Line. 2017
TVC for Nevsky Centre. 2017
TVC for Cordiant. 2017
TVC for Nevsky Centre. Autumn 2016
TVC for Pure Line cosmetics. Collagen
TVC for Pure Line cosmetics. Lotion
TVC for Stockmann/Nevsky Center. Spring 2016. Director's cut

TVC for Stockmann/Nevsky Center. Spring 2015
TVC for Stockmann/Nevsky Center. Winter 2014-2015

TVC for Stockmann/Nevsky Center. Autumn 2014
TVC for Gallery shopping Center

TVC for Krupskaya Vernissage chocolate
TVC for Krupskaya Dark chocolate
TVC for Lesnoy Balzam mouthwash
Viral video for Leto Shopping Mall. Gifts
TVC for Spring condoms
TVC for K-RAUTA hardware stores. Repair

TVC for Green Country store
TVC for Isover insulation solutions
TVC for Greenfield tea
TVC for Jardin coffee
TVC for TEKS paints. Interior
TVC for TEKS paints. Exterior
TVC for 585 Gold stores. Episode 9
TVC for 585 Gold stores. Episode 12
TVC for Megafon mobile operator. Companion
TVC for Noopept medicine
TVC for CERESIT brand. GOALTENDER. Director's Cut
TVC for Fazer bread
TVC for Jockey Coffee
TVC for Kazatska Rada Vodka
TVC for K-Rauta hardware stores. The Lamp
TVC for Kandid medicine
TVC for Fazer bread
TVC for Pure Line cosmetics. Lotion
TVC for Dario Wellness Juice
TVC for The Jewel Of The Nile Tea
TVC for Greenfield Barberry Tea
Igor Titarev showreel
Making of "Lesnoy balzam" mouthwash TVC
making of Stockmann/Nevsky Center TVC. Autumn/Winter 2016/2017
Making of Pure Line cosmetics. Lotion TVC
Making of Megafon. Companion. Photo shooting and TVC
Making of Stockmann/Nevsky Center. Spring 2016 TVC
Making of Stockmann/Nevsky Center. Spring 2015 TVC
Making of FAZER bread TVC
Making of TEKS paints TVC
Making of Jockey Coffee TVC
Making of Kazatska Rada Vodka TVC
Making of Candid medicine TVC
Sasha Leybovich
Marina Ginzburg
junior producer

Sasha Gorbunov
production manager
Hotshot Films
production house
Building 231, Obvodny channel embankment, 134-138
190020 St. Petersburg, Russia
tel.: +7 (921) 907-60-21
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