Hotshot Films is a production house based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Officially, we are in the market since 2008; however, our young and creative team has been making films and commercials long before that. Therefore, today we have a clear vision of what we do, how we achieve that and what is the reason for doing it.

We are open for all kinds of inquiries and ideas. We use affirmative and incentive phrasing and exclude the possibility of using the word NO. If shooting is complex we will tell you, if the task is simple – we are happy to announce that. For us, problems are only issues that have solutions. Our production is backed with every piece of equipment you may think of. Besides, Europe is right around the corner. In Finland we have great partners to ask for anything missing here. And in case of an absolute emergency, we import the missing components from Moscow. All of our technicians: gaffers, cameramen, focus pullers and others – speak English.

Most guests of St. Petersburg know little about the city: Nevsky Prospect, the Hermitage, the White Nights. Some try to explore, depending on time and imagination. We aim to find more and beyond. With great joy we walk, ride bikes, trolleys, buses, boats and automobiles in search of hidden beautiful corners of our city. Baroque palaces, sea beaches, endless fields, parks, art spaces, bridges, abandoned tram depots, European bars and cafes, equipped studios, beautiful country houses with tended lawns, yacht clubs, snowy slopes and much more. It is possible to film everything!

There is a huge number of theatres in St. Petersburg. As well as lots of model agencies. There is plenty of talented actors and simply beautiful people. Our casting directors are able to find the unique character types. Our makeup artists help us create the desired styles and looks.

There’s lots and lots of water in our beautiful city. We have a sea, rivers, ducts, canals, lakes, ponds. The 342 most beautiful bridges are here to help us get from one side of all these numerous bodies of water to another. We admire the sailing regattas, the magnificent cruise liners and world-famous yachts that dock here. We often drink champagne on river boats to celebrate another finished project.

We are working closely with our colleagues from many countries and continents – from India to France, from South America to Scandinavia. We can offer Russian as well as European specialists in practically every area of filmmaking. Commercials, fiction films, TV series, documentaries, art projects, advertising and branding photo sessions are all produced here.

Come work with us!